Being the best version of who you can be, perform at your best, that’s what you want, and what you have been working for. At what cost? What does being the best version of you means to you? How are you feeling?

What are you really feeling?

Wouldn’t you want to be balanced, relaxed, healthier (in and out), recovering faster and remaining injury free in your trainings?

The reality is that wear and tear from working out and playing the sport (s) you love, coupled with life’s heavy workloads can easily leave you underperforming, injured, or just plain burned out. Imbalance ultimately results in compensation, which is every athlete worst enemy because it leads to injury.  You have to earn balance.

Yoga is a viable solution. You are what you do consistently. 

As is good nutrition. You are what you eat consistently.  

Stop for one moment. Inhale. Exhale.

Experiencing feeling great doesn’t require changing your core believes (or else…) or joining Cirque du Soleil! No. Injuries don’t have to be a fatality.

 I want to show you yoga and nutrition in a way that directly benefits you,  that makes your better at what you are already doing, a way of being, a choice to pay attention to where you are and consciously discern what’s needed day to day, and moment to moment so that you feel and ultimately perform your best. Week after week because you are what you do consistently. That’s a Practice. Step by step.

Step one: slow down, inhale, exhale. That’s where we start.

Building a yoga practice will give you with insights into your imbalances and resulting compensations patterns and give you skills to systematically correct yourself back to a happy medium.  It will support and enhance your training, sensitizing and remaining injury free. It will ground you as you rethink your diet, mindfully.

I am here for YOU

My name is Eléonore. Most people call me Elly.

I am a Private Chef, Nutrition Coach, Strala Yoga guide, and Focused Triathlete.

I help athletes to incorporate yoga in their trainings, and work with ambitious and active people to bring fitness and wellbeing into their routine.

Together we will embark on the journey towards the best version of you, and I’ll help and support you all the steps of the way.

Be ready to thrive pass your goals, and dreams.


My menus are straightforward, uncomplicated, well balanced, fresh, flavoursome, appealing,colourful, tailor made and to the point.

Eleonore Marion Precision Nutrition Coach in Dubai


Invest in yourself through proper diet and nutrition. After all health is wealth. What a beautiful way to take care of your future TODAY.

Eleonore Marion Strala Guide in Dubai


Optimize your training with me.  It’s not just about doing yoga, it’s how you do it that matters.

This Practice will solves your imbalance problems, it will help you prevent injury, recover better, bring you flexibility, and whole-body strength, leading to better form, efficiency, and power in your sport. Yoga’s emphasis on concentration and breath awareness improves focus and mental endurances, giving you a true advantage at the end of a long race or training session.

As you Practice you will begin to feel your tightest joints opening up and your weaker muscles coming into balance for better overall fitness and performance.

Let me help you sustain balance and win. 

I’m picky with my yoga, not often people get it right for me. Moving with Elly changed that all. It seemed like she intuitively knew what my body needed even though we were in a room full of people. Her flows always took me on a mindful journey with her words whispering in the background…  and breathe.

I loved her sequences as they were an amazing mix of strong movements, holding, releasing and breath.

I can’t wait for her to be able to share her unique approach to this practice with you all online.  Jodi.

Jodi Klein, New Zealand

Elly is amazing, her passion and dedication to health and fitness are truly remarkable. Elly’s techniques to improve flexibility and balance combined with her attention to details makes her a great instructor. She is a people’s person, highly knowledgeable. After each practice with her, I felt inspired, deeply relaxed yet energized, and connected to the feeling of oneness. Can’t wait to have her (and you!) here at Pumula. Lucie.

Lucie Diemünsch, South Africa, Pumula Retreat

I only just subscribed, and was excited to try straight away to get a taste of how it feels. One of Elly’s sequences high quality is that working out is done smoothly. Her voice is calm and guides every moves which unroll in a very smooth rhythm that makes all things appear super easy.  That’s great! just amazing!  I went half way through “Easy Flow”  and “Standing Traveler” ( that I have found more challenging because flexibility is required. ) And I am sure that the more I’ll do, the more I’ll achieve. Thank you so much.  She really does deserve to succeed.

Sofia Marrecas Ferreira, Portugal.

I loved Elly’s yoga class, she explained everything before starting and during the class. Elly has a caring attitude and paid attention to the needs of everyone, slowing down when needed. I felt really relaxed and rejuveated after the practice with her. Will definitely come again and recommend to others! ♥

Anni-Mari De Bruyn, Estonia.

If you are hesitant to start yoga, Elly is a good place to start. Her attention to detail during our class is second to none. She guides you through the entire motion, and brings calm to the practice. I highly recommend Elly. She has the experience to help wherever you are in your practice. Also: i really did enjoy her playlist.

Doha El Sayed, Egypt.