How are you feeling today? How do you want to feel?

If you want to experience a boost in your health , wellbeing and physical performances, you need to supply your body with the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibers that it needs to thrive.

Nutrition is the most important part of fitness and wellbeing.

  • We eat for social and family gathering
  • We eat as a community
  • We eat with friends and lovers, and by ourselves
  • We eat for fuel, and we eat for fun
  • We eat to celebrate
  • We eat when it’s meal time
  • We eat several time a day, everyday.

If like many other people you haven’t had success in following diets that require making bland tasteless recipes, counting calories, cooking with unusual ingredients, then what we can do together may be the game changer you are looking for.

Precision Nutrition Coach in Dubai

Life circumstances made me a food expert:

  • Raised in Burgundy, France, food was the pillar of my family: I grew up in a Michelin Star restaurant.
  • I have had a love/hate relationship with food. Suffered with eating disorders as a young adult, and struggled with body image. How ironic:
  • 19 years in the F&B industry:
    • 8 years as superyacht Chef.
    • 8 years at the head of “Elly’s” my fine dining restaurant in the South of France.
    • 18 months as the Personal Chef of an Emirati Tycoon and Family in Dubai.
    • 1 year as Private Chef in a Villa providing for UHNW Russian CEO, Business partners, and Family in Dubai
  • I started studying nutrition in 2016 for my own personal growth and benefits as I was training for my first marathon. That’s when food became my ally. Food became Fuel.  I have learnt so much through my experience of  training, racing, and injuries, recovering and healing. Nutrition is the 4th discipline of triathlon, if you don’t get that quickly, you are definitely putting yourself in difficulty.
  • In 2022, after years of research and procrastination, I certify in as Precision Nutrition Coach, an approach that I fully embrace as it totally matches my mindset.

Health is multifactorial, a cocktail of our genetics, our lifestyle choices, and environmental stresses and toxins. A diet is about so much more than what you are eating. It’s so much bigger than the last fads, all the rules, and societal guidelines.  It’s about self-care and sustainability and there is a lot we can control when it comes to our health, by making good diet and lifestyle choices, and adjusting to certain elements of our environment. We will find those ways together.


You want to lose weight, build strength, and develop healthier relationships with food ? But you don’t want to sacrifice the taste. You want to invest to make yourself, and your fitness and health goals a PRIORITY ?

My name is Eleonore Marion, and i am a Personal Chef and Nutrition Coach.

I am here to help you transform yourself by bringing health and fitness into your life in a way that works for your life and your body. My approach enables you to make fitness and nutrition a part of your life in an enjoyable, sustainable and delicious way—without it taking over. The program is designed to work on your absolute worst days, not just your best days.

How ready, willing and able are you to make a change ?  Let’s find out.

Precision Nutrition is the largest — and most respected — private nutrition coaching and education company in the world, the go-to source in the fitness industry.

  • #1 most recommended nutrition certification program in the world
  • Rated #1 by customers for reputation, nutrition content quality, behaviour-change coaching, and program effectiveness

As Precision Nutrition Coach, I approach coaching by listening to  your needs and what you want to accomplish, learning how you live, discovering what’s really important to you, and working together to create the right nutrition and exercise approach based on your goals and lifestyle

I support you through the process, helping with the inevitable roadblocks along the way to success.