If you find it difficult to attend regular classes, don’t have time to commute to a studio or simply want to enjoy a personalized practice at home, sign up for a private online yoga class with me.

We’ll meet for a 60 minutes private session online via MEET. All you need is to choose a time that’s convenient for you, a space to roll out your yoga mat, yoga props if you have them, a computer/laptop/iPad and good internet connection.

We’ll laser focus in on your needs, challenges and goals and I will help you get effective results based on your current condition and your schedule. These could include targeting a specific area such shoulders, neck, back, hips, hamstrings, core strength or addressing issues such as stress relief, difficulty sleeping, health and well-being.


Eleonore Marion Strala Guide in Dubai


is a moving flow that builds strength, balance, and flexibility evenly in the body. Calm ease is carried through simple and challenging movements alike. You get happy and healthy from the inside out!

$50.00 / 60 minutes

Eleonore Marion Strala guide in Dubai


 is a simple flow that opens and strengthens your body while calming your mind. You’ll create a healthy balance between strength and flexibility, stability and mobility. Most of all, you’ll feel all-over great!

$50.00 / 60 minutes

Eleonore Marion Strala guide in Dubai


is a moving flow that releases tension from your body and mind, while resting attention calmly on your breath. You drop the stress and feel all-over revitalized!

$50.00 / 60 minutes


  • Reach out through email or whatsapp and we’ll agree on a day and time

  • Pay for your class with PayPal.Me

  • You’ll receive an email and/or Whatsapp message with all the details and a link to join the class, as well as a reminder 1 hour before our appointment.

  • Before our meeting change into comfortable yoga wear, close the door and and make yourself unavailable to the rest of the world for the next 60 minutes. It’s your time, your space ! Roll out your mat and place your computer on a chair or desk so that you can see the screen from your mat and I can see your whole body.

  • Click on link in your confirmation email. If it’s your first time using MEET, it will prompt you to download a software. Don’t worry, this is perfectly safe. After you joined the meeting activate your sound and camera so I can hear and see you, too.


Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours in advance.

In the event of poor internet connection or any technical issues, You will be able to reschedule. This happens, it’s unpredictable.

Booking is recommended to be made at least 48 hours in advance. This assures that you can get a time slot that works best for you and any changes to your booking (if need be) can be made within 12hrs prior to session.

Students must consult their doctor prior to practicing yoga or any physical activity.

Wrongfully using my services, any rude or inappropriate behavior or questions will result in cancellation of class/future classes with no refund.