Raised in Burgundy, my family owned a restaurant since 1956; they earned their Michelin Star in 1985.

Superyachts Chef’s (2005-2011 / 2019-2022) and Michelin acclaimed Restaurant Owner (Elly’s – Saint-Raphaël / France 2011-2019), a traveling personal chef position took me to Dubai, where i have chosen to settle when not cruising the world.

Restaurant trained Chef, I started cooking privately in September 2005. It’s been 19 years of cooking a lot, intensively, extensively, on Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts, at sea, on land, in professional kitchens, for numerous guests and UHNW year after year. I have traveled a lot, sailed and cooked across the Atlantic 6 times.

Being a private chef is about resources, skills, knowledge, experience, expertise, creativity, savoir-faire, savoir-vivre, adaptability and good communication. To me food is about fuel, health, sharing, gathering, human connection, sustainability and pleasure.
This is a career, taking care of others, making them happy and content, while looking after their health and diet, allowing them to indulge. Above all: creating recipes, dishes, menus along the seasons and time of year.

My menus and creations are straightforward, uncomplicated, well balanced, fresh, flavoursome, appealing, colourful, tailor made and to the point

Chef Eleonore Marion

Triathlete ( I am an Ironman), Yogini and Nutrition coach, I aim to please and to inspire all to grow in rising to better health.

I am seeking to thrive in the kitchen/galley. I am dedicated, enthusiastic and driven, always eager to learn more to provide only the very best to my Boss, crew and guests.


In 2022, I certified in Nutrition with Precision Nutrition. 

Precision Nutrition is the largest — and most respected — private nutrition coaching and education company in the world, the go-to source in the fitness industry.

  • #1 most recommended nutrition certification program in the world
  • Rated #1 by customers for reputation, nutrition content quality, behaviour-change coaching, and program effectiveness

By listening to your needs, requirements, likes and dislikes, learning how you live, discovering what’s really important to you, I am creating tailor made menus and dishes that will support your diet, lifestyle and goals.


Chef Eleonore Marion

Eleonore was responsible for provisioning and cooking for Owners and Charter’s Guests and Crew, often in remote areas and/or short notice. She proved to be adaptable to challenges, reacting quickly to guests requests. Her meals were well prepared and presented, using the freshest products available.

Crew meals were always balanced, healthy meals. Elly is herself very athletic and understand the needs of those burning a lot of calories. She is also very adept of providing correct quantities and is passionate about not wasting food.

She proved herself to be passionate about her work, always wanting to learn new techniques and ideas. She communicates well with guests and managed to meet their ever-changing expectations.

She managed her time well but also have a capacity to work very long hours when needed.

Bill Bailey, SY Panthalassa

Dear Elly, I was on board with five friends of mine for a two weeks charter around Corsica. I have to tell you again tell how impressed I have been about your food and interpretation. If I am an amator of a simple and authentic cuisine, I have been overwhelmed by the high class standards of yours.

As I told you before, I would be interested in opening a small local restaurant in Munich, but only if i have the right Chef. We should maybe talk about the idea together? If you leave the boat and want to open a restaurant of your own, you must let me know.  Kind Regards. Gerry

Gerry Dütsch, MY Printemps