These are a list of the resources and recommendations that I use and am happy to share with others. Some of the links are affiliate or partnership links. I only partner with companies and brands that I use and love (and I’d be recommending regardless).

Blissful Websites

The complete step-by-step program for yoga teachers to help you design, build, and launch a WordPress website. Susanne Rieker’s teachable is amazing. She is taking you by the hand, that she holds, step by step. Opening each module gives you the feeling you are meeting with a extremely knowledgeable and patient friend.  I couldn’t recommend Susanne more.

Pocket Products ®

Learn from my FAVORITE online business mentor. The BEST and most affordable online course I’ve ever taken. This $47 mini course is a power packed punch of content to help you get started in creating your very first online product to sell to your audience.

Training Partners