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30 minutes Zoom practice. This flow is my “go-to” that supports my trainings. It’s a whole mind/body scan, where I check toe-to-head that everything works well. It develops awareness and movement, stretch, ease, and release, for mobility and flexibility. This morning practice will trigger our body’s relaxation response for optimal recovery. Movement begins with your breath. Every inhale opens and creates space, every exhale relaxes and lets you move easily into the space you create.  You’ll start the week-end on a fresh, positive, uplifting way. This live streaming class takes place once a week on Saturday at 7:00 am UTC. Instructions for joining will be in the confirmation email. All levels are welcome.

This is a free or pay-what-you-want class. No payment is expected or required. However, if you do want to leave a “tip” or “buy me a coffee”, you can do so with or credit card HERE.

To build a consistent practice please JOIN ME.   There you can have access to 3+ Live 1 Hour Class/ week,  REPLAY, and the On Demand Library from $25/month by becoming a Year Member, or $30/month auto-pay.

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I’m picky with my yoga, not often people get it right for me. Moving with Elly changed that all. It seemed like she intuitively knew what my body needed even though we were in a room full of people. Her flows always took me on a mindful journey with her words whispering in the background…  and breathe.

I loved her sequences as they were an amazing mix of strong movements, holding, releasing and breath.

I can’t wait for her to be able to share her unique approach to this practice with you all online.  Jodi.

Jodi Klein, New Zealand

Elly is amazing, her passion and dedication to health and fitness are truly remarkable. Elly’s techniques to improve flexibility and balance combined with her attention to details makes her a great instructor. She is a people’s person, highly knowledgeable. After each practice with her, I felt inspired, deeply relaxed yet energized, and connected to the feeling of oneness. Can’t wait to have her (and you!) here at Pumula. Lucie.

Lucie Diemünsch, South Africa, Pumula Retreat

I only just subscribed, and was excited to try straight away to get a taste of how it feels. One of Elly’s sequences high quality is that working out is done smoothly. Her voice is calm and guides every moves which unroll in a very smooth rhythm that makes all things appear super easy.  That’s great! just amazing!  I went half way through “Easy Flow”  and “Standing Traveler” ( that I have found more challenging because flexibility is required. ) And I am sure that the more I’ll do, the more I’ll achieve. Thank you so much.  She really does deserve to succeed.

Sofia Marrecas Ferreira, Portugal.

I loved Elly’s yoga class, she explained everything before starting and during the class. Elly has a caring attitude and paid attention to the needs of everyone, slowing down when needed. I felt really relaxed and rejuveated after the practice with her. Will definitely come again and recommend to others! ♥

Anni-Mari De Bruyn, Estonia.

If you are hesitant to start yoga, Elly is a good place to start. Her attention to detail during our class is second to none. She guides you through the entire motion, and brings calm to the practice. I highly recommend Elly. She has the experience to help wherever you are in your practice. Also: i really did enjoy her playlist.

Doha El Sayed, Egypt.


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