Why invest in corporate yoga for your company?

There are a number of benefits that come with introducing corporate yoga into your workplace.


Workplaces which are sedentary are particularly at risk of decreasing blood circulation and increasing stress. The most common culprits are office jobs, where workers typically stay seated for around 6-8 hours a day.

Moderate stretching has been shown to increase blood circulation which in turn raises energy levels. One of the core fundamentals of yoga is stretching exercises which are performed through dynamic movements.

This helps reduce stress and fatigue, which in corporate yoga will help to keep employees alert and energised.


Those in office jobs often spend hours at a time slouched over their desks, which stretches the neck forward and rounds the spine.

This posture is unhealthy because it is unnatural, and it can have serious impacts on posture. Back pain, neck pain and shoulder stiffness are also commonly reported symptoms which interrupt productivity as workers struggle to get comfortable.

The fluid movements and stretches found in yoga practice can correct posture, lessen tension and stretch and strengthen the muscles under strain. It can also teach employees movements that they can enact in their desk chairs which can prevent them from slipping back into the posture later on.


Corporate life can be stressful with heavy workloads and looming deadlines. Mental clutter caused by stress and pressure can hinder decision making and reduce concentration.

The poses and meditative qualities found in yoga can dissipate mental clutter, which makes employees more alert, more focused, and subsequently more productive. Yoga also improves blood circulation in the brain, which improves brain function and will result in heightened concentration.

Meditative aspects of yoga can also encourage employees to develop a still mind, which is a useful tool to have in a pressurized work environment.


One of the benefits of traditional yoga practice is its ability to relax the body and also calm the mind. Those who can think calmly often think rationally and are not quick to anger, which negates stress.

Stress-free and calm employees will uphold a much more positive outlook on life and will therefore be less likely to suffer the impact of negative behaviors.

Likewise, employees who are stress-free are also much more likely to be productive when compared to employees who are suffering the ill-effects of stress. Having a stress-free workplace is vital for the effective running of a business, and the businesses productivity.

Engaging in corporate yoga can reduce stress just through its holistic practice. Vinyasa sequences and Hatha practice are just two types of yoga which can greatly benefit the mind and body by relieving stress and reengaging the body’s chakras.


Highly stressful environments impact mental wellbeing, hampering the morale of employees. Such an unhealthy environment can cultivate irritability and frustration among employees, which leads to heightened disagreements and impacts motivation and productivity.

Yoga can elevate employees’ moods by reducing and relieving stress. This improves both their mental and physical health, and boosts confidence and motivation.

It also creates a more harmonious workplace by introducing the idea of team morale. A group that practices yoga together will have a joint experience, and will bask in the benefits of the practice together, strengthening bonds.

Ultimately this fosters a much more healthy workforce, which shows in increased levels of productivity.



The corporate workplace can be highly stressful and demanding. More companies than ever before are signing up for employee assistance programs to negate the negative effects that such heightened levels of stress are having on their employees.

Creating a healthy work environment improves employees’ physical and mental health. One such factor in having a healthy work environment is to promote exercise. Exercise benefits all of us because it releases endorphins, making us less stressed, and boosting our happiness levels.

Yoga has long been accredited for its physical and mental health benefits. Yoga’s poses and meditative qualities are hailed as holistic health benefits that can have a myriad of positive effects on a person’s health.


In the workplace, these positive effects can greatly benefit employees. Confidence, productivity and motivation levels can all be raised, while concentration and focus can be heightened.


Another advantage is that corporate yoga is cost and time effective. A corporate yoga class could be performed in 20 minutes, meaning it doesn’t take time out of the day.

Why not give corporate yoga a try for your business and see positive results it can bring about in your workplace?